HDD Tools for hard drive repairing or data recocvery




PC3000 :$

Data Extractor :$


HRT :$

  These tools are so powerful, you can get the money back in only one month after you get it!

  If you can use these tools,you can recover many hdds with fatal maltifunctions without expensive device,but more fast and more easy.


  1. servo scanning
  2. phisical scanning
  3. lba scanning
  4. hide defects into plist 
  5. cut the head
  6. hide the tracks
  7. hide the defect sectors
  8. change the passport
  9. change lba
  10. change sn(the softs which cryted by the sn is useless)
  11. view or change the SA info
  12. you can recover data from an hdd which contains thousands of defect secotrs

If you buy the tools from me, you can get technical supporting, you will get many firmwares what i have(many Gegabytes).

 email address: qinrm@21cn.com

phone:0086-20-85550212,0086-13302300981(Mr. Qin)

remember:pc3000 or hrt must be in the title of the Email,or i would not read this letter for too many letters to be read.